~ Close Shave helps soothe the skin, reduce razor burn and inflammation while giving a clean close shave. 2oz - $18.00

~ Lose It is comprised of oils known for their ability to encourage circulation, detoxification, digestion, and regeneration in the skin cells.

   Oil; 4oz -$30.00   8oz - $47.00       Cream; 4oz $37.00   8oz - $54.00

~ Complement contains oils known for their abilities to rejuvenate circulation, elasticity, and moisture in the skin.   2oz - $16.00   4oz - $28.00

~ Clays: good for exfoliating, detoxing the skin, drawing blood to the epidermis

               Betonite - for general use, all skin ranges                 8oz - $6.00

               French Green - for rashes, oily or acne prone skin  8oz - $8.00 

               Rhassoul - for sensitive, oily, or mature skin           8oz - $18.00

~ Acne Cleansing Treatment System:

    Cleansing Oil - only oil can lift out oil. This blend helps disinfect, reduce   

    inflammation, and clean excess oil out of pores while moisturizing and improving 

    PH levels. Proven and guaranteed.   2oz - $12.00   4oz - $20.00

    Toner - helps rinse away residue while reducing harmful bacteria.  8oz spray -$14.00

    Spot Treatment - for upcoming and existing blemishes.  5ml - $ 25.00